Last Day HSI Overview

So, today is the last day, which we keep reminding eachother even though none of us really want to think about it. These last three weeks have been some of the greatest in my life. Here’s a breif overview:

Classes: My classes have been… interesting. I will admit that at first I didn’t like either of them, but in the end, they both grew on me. I don’t want to leave now. I don’t plan on studying in either of my class areas in the future, but I did learn really valuable skills. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge.

Adults: The adults in this program are great. Sure, the P.C.’s strictness with the rules might cause some of us to role our eyes, but it’s all out of love. We know that they have our best interests in mind, and they are all wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for better people to guide us through this program. They made the whole experience welcoming and fun.

College: Ever since I was little, it was a sure thing that I would be going to college, and I also thought it was a sure thing that I would NOT under any cercumstances be going to a college in Wyoming. However, after living at UW for three weeks with some of the coolest people in the state, I have changed my mind. The University of Wyoming went from not even being on my college list to being possibly my top choice. I love this campus. I feel so at home here, like it’s where I belong. It’s the perfect mix of not too big and not too small, not to far from home and not too close…it’s like Baby Bear in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Anyways, my experience on campus was awesome, to say the least (except maybe the six flights of stairs).

Back Home: Naturally, I am going to suggest HSI to everyone back home. This was such a wonderful program. I learned so much, not only school things but other things as well. HSI helped my strengthen my confidence and ability to reach out to other people and try new things, whether it be a new kind of chicken at Washakie or attempting to use computer technology to analyze landscapes. I hope to come back and be a PC when I get older so I can help make other people’s HSI experience as good as mine was!

Last, But Not Least…The People: Hands down, the greatest part of HSI was the people. From PC’s to seminar leaders to teachers to other campers, I loved every single person I met. Each person here is brilliant and unique. It was so amazing to be able to be a part of a such a wonderful group of people. At this camp, I have made some amazing friendships as well as breifly met some people I might meet again later in life. I have a feeling many of us will see eachother over the years, and I think it is so cool that we will always have the companionship that comes along with being in this program together. I know this camp was supposed to be centered on classes, but really? Who are we kidding? The best and most important part was the friendships we made and the way we were able to further define who we each are. These three weeks have been very special to me, and I want to thank all of the people who were a part of them. RockiesGame AbeAbe AccordianGuy AlexJames AndyLandscape AspenTree AustinCodyLeviService AustinHunterBowling AustinMarissa AustinSlow BeckaWindow BunnyShadows ChrisDoor ChrisDoorLaugh ChrisDoorSmile ChrisTable CodyLeviService CodyStop CourtneyBrick CubeSolve DancePhotoBomb EmilyMarieCourtneyBricks IsaiahAlley IsaiahAlley2 IsaiahAlley3 ItalianDinner KamilleWeed KamilleWeed2 KillerSquirrel KiteFlying LeviKite MikeService NicoleService ParkerAustinLeviCodyHunterSwag PhotoClassShadow QuintonCave QuintonCaveBlackWhite QuintonLionKing QuintonPlayground QuintonTrain ReoFlag ReoQuintonPoleDance RockiesGame SteffanyWeeds TalynWheelchair TrainBench UWBuilding WindowWashers




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